Austin Country Club
Austin, TX
March 27-31, 2019

Volunteer Spotlight

Gisela & Peter Vogl

Many Greetings from Mainz,Germany!

We are Peter and Gisela Vogl from Mainz, Germany, a city on the banks of the River Rhine, very close to Frankfurt. Mainz is the Capital of Rheinland-Pfalz. It is also the center of carneval in Germany and we love to be part of it. Peter is working as Member of the Board of Management HDI Global SE, as a specialist for industrial insurance. Gisela is a teacher and engaged in politics .

Our relation to Austin is a very special one: our best friends Bill and Maria and their family live in Austin. The story of this friendship is so wonderful as it has been lasting for more than 40 years, since Peter was 18 years old and Bill was a student. He came to Germany and stayed with the Vogl family. Since this stay the two families have grown together like one family and there is no important day in all those years, like wedding, birth of a child or death of a family member, that they have missed. Our two sons and their son and daughter have also become friends and stayed with the family abroad.

Since 1980 we have visited the USA a couple of times from the east coast to the west coast and we love it. Last summer our friends made it as a surprise for us to play golf with Leo Welsh at Austin Country Club and it was an unforgettable day for us. Leo asked us to come as volunteers and of course we are very happy to get this chance!
We are very much looking forward to this week in March!

See you all soon!